Sit Happens Dog Training

No Dog Left Behind

Sit Happens Dog Training offers in home dog training for all dog issues! We don't believe there are bad dogs,
just bad habits. Every dog can be trained, their human just needs to learn how. We also specialize in reactive 
dogs. No dog left behind!


We want our clients to feel confident handing their dog(s) no matter where they are. With private at-home training, working out in the community to work on socialization, we provide you with everything you need to develop a positive relationship with your dog. Set up a free 30 minute assessment!

Free 30 minute assessment
Private one hour in home instruction

About Us

We offer a variety of methods that focus on pet communication, socialization and science-based behavioral theory. We want you to learn everything there is to know about training your dog with confidence and understanding of dog behavior and your own behaviors that often overlap. At Sit Happens Dog Training, our aim is to provide real solutions to the most common challenges that pet owners face. Through expert behavioral coaching and applying kind, approachable, and humane principles, we are here to help you alleviate all of that unwanted owner stress.

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